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Welcome to PD Power Wash We Clean All kinds of Exterior Surfaces  using industrial power Equipment and we can handle projects large  or small - Residential and Commercial Driveways Patios Paving Tarmac Garages Decking and Fencing  Walls Roofs Concrete Pathways Brickwork Sheds  Out buildings Floors and more Concrete -  using high pressure equipment the dirt just flies off  From small homes to large yards …. Decking -  Looking old and tired We can clean all wooden   Surfaces to near new condition Yards and industrial areas from small to large - Call us Patios - Treat  your garden to a new clean look Block Paving - Bring back colour and shine and remove years  Of dirt grime and weather damage Roof Cleaning our team can bring back colour and shine to old roofs using our industrial power cleaners We are also experts in moss removal Our driveways Sealing Services can mean a  new lease for old Driveways  We can restore surfaces to near new condition  removing years of  Weather and Storm Damage  Dirt and Grime Moss and algae BLOCK PAVING LEGALS You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off  period for all work Subject to contract 20.12.23 Office 01244 456 722 & 0151 601 1866 72 Chevrons Rd Shotton Queens Ferry TH5 1LL